Contractor Qualifications?

Contractor Qualifications?

How do you qualify your contractors?  How do you qualify any possible sub-contractors?

At GCAP, we like to joke and say there is no such thing as the word contractor when it comes the PSM/RMP implementation.  We like to think any contractor that can affect the process be considered as any other similarly situated employee.

Questions to be asked,

  • How do we evaluate our contractors?
  • How do we evaluate and sub-contractors?
  • Can they be affected by the process?
  • Can they affect the process?
  • How were they trained, and how did they verify they understood the training?

This last week there was an unfortunate incident in Canada that led to a release of ammonia. From what is known, two people were taken to the hospital, and one unfortunately lost their life.  This is a tragic accident that we all need to see if we can learn something from.

The individual whom died, worked for a contracting company that was doing oil analysis on a compressor.

Later to find out, that this person was a contractor for the contracting company whom had the contract to do this job.


The investigation is not over, but please use this to ask yourself some question to your PSM program.  How do we evaluate our contractors, and how do we evaluate our subs.  How do they get trained and how do we verify they understood the training?