FM Global Data Sheets

FM Global Data Sheets

If you are not aware, FM Global in the last few years has made their data sheets free to download and use.  They can be of a great aid to help in mitigating hazards in many of industries such as ours.

Some that I thought were of interest are:

12-61: Mechanical Refrigeration Case Study #6 “

“12-61: Mechanical Refrigeration

“12-2: Vessels and Piping”

“12-43: Pressure Relief Devices”

“12-53: Absorption Refrigeration Systems”

“10-2: Emergency Response

“10-4: Contractor Management

“8-29: Refrigerated Storage

“7-13: Mechanical Refrigeration

“7-95: Compressors

“6-22: Fire Tube Boilers

“6-23: Water Tube Boilers

To download these FREE PDF’s, you must register with FM Global.

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