IIAR 2: 3rd Public Review

A third (3rd) public review of draft standard BSR/IIAR 2-201x, Standard for Safe Design of Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems is now open. The International Institute of Ammonia Refrigeration (IIAR) invites you to make comments on the draft standard. Substantive changes resulting from this public review will also be provided for comment in a future public review if necessary.

BSR/IIAR 2-201x specifies the minimum safety criteria for equipment and design of closed-circuit ammonia refrigeration systems. It presupposes that the persons who use the document have a working knowledge of the functionality of ammonia refrigerating system(s) and basic ammonia refrigerating practices and principles.  This standard is intended for those who design ammonia refrigeration systems.  This standard shall apply only to closed-circuit mechanical refrigeration systems utilizing ammonia as the refrigerant.  It supplements existing general refrigeration standards issued by IIAR and other organizations such as ASHRAE, ASME, and ANSI. It is not intended to supplant existing safety codes (e.g., model mechanical or fire codes).

The 45-day public review period will be from November 14, 2014 to December 29, 2014.  Comments are due no later than December 29, 2014.

Thank you for your interest in the public review of BSR/IIAR 2-201x, Standard for Safe Design of Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems.