PSM for Boilers?

PSM for Boilers?

A good friend and colleague of GCAP Bryan Haywood wrote a nice article showing how the state of Ohio has mirrored PSM requirements to boilers if there is not an operator present 24/7.

Several large food manufacturing companies have now started implement PSM on their boilers with in the facility for best practices.  GCAP believes that PSM will be a requirement on high/or low fire boilers, fire/water tube, across the US in the next 5 years. We are just an accident or two away.  EPA is already making significant strides on the emissions.

Paris Tennessee Boiler Explosion

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GCAP will take the lead.  In the next few months we will be writing some new books and manuals for PSM for Boilers and build a complete PSM book following our current book for the steam field in food processing.  We are at a time right now that we need more qualified technicians and operators just not for ammonia refrigeration but steam boilers as well. GCAP currently offers comprehensive hands-on steam boiler training for your operators, technicians, engineers, and safety professionals.

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