PSM/RMP Course August 19 – 22, Course Evaluations

  • The course book is high quality and ties all pieces with the regulatory citations. Really enjoyed the discussions of other interpretations and compliance strategies.
  • The depth to witch every aspect was explained and having the regulations distilled and explained in English.
  • I came to the class with 0 knowledge of PSM. I have a ground in operations and 0 in any ammonia training.  After the class I now have a working understanding of ammonia and some results of mis use. I can now talk to others with more experience in the industry and have a good understanding of what is being said.
  • Very enjoyable, engagement, question and answers especially of others, completeness of reference materials.  Thanks to everyone that worked on the course, and the food.
  • Got a better understanding of the word (shall) and also enjoyed all the other courses I have taken here.
  • Both instructors solicited class participation and willingness of instructors to answer all questions and concerns.  I have been sending people here for training for the last 5 years with great results
  • Instructors were very knowledgeable
  • The interaction between the students and the staff.  I respect the work GCAP has put in to the training provided.
  • Highly organized, extremely interesting, and great instructors.
  • The instructors presentations and answering questions and what helped me the most was your PSM/RMP book.  It was a fantastic school – keep up the GREAT learning experience for the students.
  • The facility and staff are some of the best I have ever seen
  • Instructors are amazing
  • This class was awesome and learned alot!!
  • Brian and Josh are ROCKSTARS! The GCAP programs are most definitely top notch!!  Excellent instructors, excellent material, Excellent Program