PSM/RMP Class Evaluations

Our last PSM class was a great success.  Here are some of the class evaluations comments regarding the class and the book.

“I liked the competency of the instructors, level of one-on-one engagement and class involvement. From beginning to end I was informed and challenged.”

“I was told you guys are the best and know I know that from personal experience! This was the best training course I ever attended. The instructors keep you informed and entertained.”

“This training equipped me to work with my PSM program. …I learned a lot of very useful information that will help me as I move forward in my career”

“I have taken many regulatory classes – all the others could learn from you guys!”

“I would recommend GCAP for anyone involved in the ammonia process on a day to day basis.”

“Best course I have ever attended!”

“The instructors (and students) offered realistic solutions to PSM problems in my facility. Staff very knowledgeable on the subjects”

GCAP would like to thank the industry and all people involved in making us who we are.