Update: Proposed OSHA PSM Standard Revisions

Update: Proposed OSHA PSM Standard Revisions

OSHA has recently released some information to their proposed changes to the PSM rule.  Whom attended the IIAR conference in Orlando was made aware during the government panel and whom attend GCAP’s Safety Day in Kansas City will also receive some of the updates.

Some will directly have affect on our industry and some are unrelated.

The government website url released is having maintenance going on and wont be available till May 14, 2016.  For the time being please visit this reliable source.

Here is a brief overview of additions/changes

  • Atmospheric Storage Tanks
  • Oil and Gas-Well Drilling, Servicing, and Production
  • Chemical Reactivity
  • Safer Technology and Alternatives
  • Additions to Appendix A Chemicals
  • Dismantling/Disposal of Explosives
  • Define/Updating RAGAGEP
  • Mechanical Integrity
  • Employee Participation
  • Emergency Planning
  • Third-party Audits
  • Stop Work Authority
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Other Management System Components
  • Additional Minor Modifications

Thank you Bryan Haywood for posting.