Hot Work Designated Areas?

Hot Work Designated Areas?

Hot Work Designated areas?

Most facilities we audit have specific areas (usually maintenance shops) designated as areas where Hot Work can be performed without a Hot Work Permit. These areas ARE allowed but there are specific requirements that have to be met first! Here’s an excerpt from GCAP’s upcoming 2015 revision of their PSM Coursebook “Implementing Process Safety Management for Ammonia Refrigeration:

Designated Hot Work Area: NFPA 51B (2014) Section allows for areas to be classified as designated hot work areas for hot work without the use of a permit provided certain requirements are met:

  • The specific area designed or approved for hot work meets the requirements of 5.4.2*
  • The area is reviewed at least annually by the Permit Authorizing Individual
  • Signs are posted designating Hot Work Areas
  • Prior to the start of the Hot Work, the operator verifies the following:
    • The location is verified as fire resistant.
    • The requirements of 5.4.2(3) are met so that the area is essentially free of combustible and flammable contents.
    • Fire extinguishers are in working condition and readily available.
    • Ventilation is working properly.
    • Hot Work equipment is in working order.

* Section 5.4.2 is the list of requirements that have to be met before issuing a Hot Work Permit. Essentially, you are making sure that the Designated Area meets the requirements for issuing a Hot Work Permit.

Access to NFPA 51B is free online if you register with the NFPA at their website at:

For users of our Google Drive, the Hot Work section of the GCAP template CD has already been updated to reflect this updated guidance.