IIAR Standard 5 and 7

IIAR/ANSI 5, 2013 and IIAR/ANSI 7, 2013

The Start-up and Commissioning of Closed-Circuit Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

Developing Operating Procedures for Closed-Circuit Ammonia Mechanical Refrigerating Systems

ANSI/IIAR 5-2013 specifies criteria and procedures for the start-up and commissioning of closed-circuit ammonia mechanical refrigerating systems. It provides basic minimum requirements for the safe start-up and commissioning of completed closed-circuit mechanical refrigerating systems utilizing ammonia as the refrigerant and additions and modifications made to such systems. To Purchase

ANSI/IIAR 7-2013 defines the minimum requirements for developing operating procedures for closed-circuit ammonia mechanical refrigerating systems. The operating procedures were developed to be easy to understand, safe, effective, reliable, and to meet applicable regulatory requirements. This standard is intended for those who develop, define, and/or review operating procedures for ammonia refrigeration systems. To Purchase

GCAP’s Operator III (Best Engineering Practices) Course Studies the IIAR’s Ammonia Refrigeration Library.  This book includes all of the IIAR’s Standards that are available and bulletins produced and in print from the organization.  If you would like to get up to date on the new or old standards come see us at GCAP.

Available Dates for Operator III

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